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How to Talk to Patients about Home Therapies


Webinar Description: This special roundtable segment is designed to generate an interactive discussion on how to talk to your patients on home dialysis. Drs. Dinesh Chatoth & Leslie Wong will interview our panel of specialists to understand some of the…

HHD Prescriptions and Managing HHD Complications


Webinar Description This comprehensive webinar series is designed to cover important aspects of PD and HHD to support prescribers (nephrologists, PAs and NPs) and home therapies teams with managing home dialysis patients with confidence. This program will include didactic learning…

Caring for the Heart with ESKD


Webinar Description: This special roundtable virtual symposium on caring for the heart with ESKD will be hosted by Drs. Michael Kraus and Leslie Wong. They will briefly review prescribing home dialysis with a special focus on the heart, including cardiac…

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