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Early vs. Delayed Initiation of Continuous Kidney Replacement Therapy (CKRT)

Critical care providers often face a clinical dilemma when determining the ideal time to initiate continuous kidney replacement therapy (CKRT). Variability in clinical practice is wide-ranging, and there is no clear consensus on the best time to initiate. Presenting clinical circumstances and individual patient variability also add to the complexity of deciding when to initiate versus delay CKRT. Given these factors, this roundtable discussion was developed to present the current clinical landscape and the latest evidence regarding the advantages and disadvantages of CKRT initiation approaches. Our panel of leading clinical experts have explored key data and a range of clinical CKRT initiation scenarios, using case-based presentations to assess the merits and drawbacks of early versus delayed initiation and provide clinicians with insight into a challenging step in the management of critically ill patients.

Event Date: 5/5/2022

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