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Choices in Hemodialysis: Variants, Personalized Therapy & Application of Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) relies on three tenets, i.e. clinical expertise (i.e. doctor), patient-centered values (i.e. patient), and relevant scientific evidence (i.e. science), that have deviated from their initial aim and summarized to scientific evidence, leading to the tyranny of randomized controlled trials.
In this webinar, based on a combination of the three pillars of EBM and particularly on the bedside patient-clinician interaction, what we have learned over the last six decades in terms of best practices to improve outcomes in HD patients will be discussed. In addition, the management of dialysis initiation, vascular access, preservation of kidney function, selection of biocompatible dialyzers, and use of dialysis fluids of high microbiological purity to restrict inflammation, some of the approaches where clinical experience is vital in the absence of definitive scientific evidence.

Event Date: 6/7/2022

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