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A large scavenger cell present in connective tissue and many major organs and tissues including the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, liver and central nervous cells.

Mass transfer area coefficient (MTAC)
For a given solute, MTAC is equivalent to the diffusive clearance of that solute per time unit in a theorectical situation where dialysate flow in infinitely high, so that the solute gradient is always maximal (MTAC is analogous to K0A of a hemodialysis membrane and is best assessed at the beginning of each exchange when there is maximum difference in the concentration between blood and dialysate).

A thin layer of tissue that covers or surrounds a surface or space. In dialysis,it can refer to either the peritoneal membrane or the material out of which the internal fibres of the artificial kidney are composed.

Membrane failure
The inability of the peritoneal membrane to maintain adequate ultrafiltration or adequate solute clearance.

The sum of all physical and chemical changes that take place within an organism. All energy and material transformations that occur within living cells.

A means or manner in which a procedure is attained.

Smallest particle of a substance with distinct chemical properties that identify the substance; stable group of atoms.

Pertaining to disease or illness.

Pertaining to death or loss of life.

Tenderness or pain in the muscles.
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