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Usually a 20 glucose polymer molecule which is used as an agent inducing ultrafiltration by oncotic pressure. [From the Greek word for twenty: eicosi or ico(si) + dextrin = icodextrin].

Invasion of the body by disease producing organisms and the reaction of the tissues to their presence.

In hemodialysis, this is referred to as the dislodgment of the fistula needle from the patient’s access which results in blood being returned to the surrounding tissues.

Inflow time
The time needed for the fresh dialysate to enter the peritoneal cavity.

Intermittent peritoneal dialysis (IPD)
Intermittent peritoneal dialysis (IPD) IPD generally consists of frequent, short cycles performed over 8 - 10 hours per session, three times weekly. The peritoneal cavity remains drained between sessions. If IPD is practiced on a nightly basis, it is referred to as nocturnal IPD (NIPD). See home page “peritoneal dialysis-modalities”.

Intraperitoneal Volume (Vip)
The volume of fluid inside the peritoneal cavity.

A solution with an osmolality or concentration of solutes equal to that which it is compared. In dialysis, the fluid of comparison is usually blood.
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