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There are currently 18 terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Back Pain
Pain or discomfort located in the posterior regions of the trunk, including the thoracic, lumbar, sacral, or adjacent regions.

Single cell organisms, fully capable of rapid reproduction. They are prevalent everywhere; some are harmless, others known to produce infectious diseases.

A buffer used by the body to neutralize acids that form when the body breaks down protein and other foods.

The quality of not having toxic or injurious effects on biological systems.

Biocompatible PD solutions
Peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions with characteristics like low GDP concentration, near neutral pH, low concentration of lactate buffer (some biocompatible solutions use bicarbonate as a buffer and others use a mixture of bicarbonate and low lactate concentrate).

Blood Circuit
Component of the hemodialysis system that is enclosed within the arterial blood line, dialyzer fibers and the venous blood line. It is also referredto as the extracorporeal circuit.

Blood Flow Rate
See blood pump speed.

Blood Line Set
Part of the extracorporeal circuit that carries blood from the patient’s vascular access through the arterial needle or catheter port, to the dialyzer, and back to the patient through the venous needles or catheter port. There are two segments of blood tubing: arterial (red connector colored) and the venous (blue connector colored). Other components of the blood tubing include patient connectors, dialyzer connectors, arterial and venous drip chambers, blood pump segment, heparin and saline infusion lines.

Blood Pressure
The pressure exerted against vessel walls resulting from the pumping force of the heart and resistance of blood vessels. It is measured by auscultating (listening to) the changing sounds produced by varying external pressures on an artery.

Blood Protein
A complex substance or very large nitrogen containing molecule found in blood.

Blood Pump
Part of the hemodialysis delivery system that moves the patient’s blood through the extracorporeal circuit at a fixed rate of speed when the blood pump segment is threaded between the pump head and the rollers.

Blood Pump Door
Cover of the blood pump.

Blood Pump Housing
Component of the hemodialysis machine that holds the blood pump rotor and tubing guides.

Blood Pump Speed
Prescribed rate of blood programmed on the blood pump.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Anthropometric index defined as weight in kilograms/(stature in m2)2.

A relatively large, single dose.

BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
Nitrogen in the blood in the form of urea. It is a result of protein breakdown due to dietary intake (digestion) or inherent bodily tissue breakdown. An increase usually indicates decreased kidney function.

Bypass Mode
Bypass mode occurs when the dialysate conductivity or temperature goes outside alarm limits. In bypass mode, valves inside the hemodialysis machine redirect the flow of dialysate to bypass the dialyzer internally until temperature and conductivity are back within acceptable limits.
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