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Welcome to the Advanced Renal Education Program – Asia Pacific

Hippocrates, one of the leading teachers of medicine said, The life so short, the craft of medicine so long to learn.

Every health care professional spends a considerable amount of time learning new aspects of medicine and wants to keep up with the latest developments in clinical research.

To facilitate this important cause and to provide better access to medical education in the field of kidney failure and renal replacement therapy, we are proud to now have established the Advanced Renal Education Program “AREP” as a global platform to offer a truly global learning experience to our colleagues, partners and customers.

With a comprehensive and relevant online learning offering which utilises a broad variety of teaching & training formats, we will address important topics in general chronic kidney disease and dialysis therapies. We are confident that you will enjoy this opportunity and that it will contribute to our companies’ goals.

“Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day.”

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