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Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease
Emphasis is on articles related to the organ effects of uremia; benefits and complications of primary treatment methods; dialysis and transplantation; technical aspects of the delivery of uremia therapy.

Advances in Peritoneal Dialysis
View selected papers from the 2009 Annual Conference on PD

American Journal of Kidney Diseases
Coverage encompasses applied physiology, dialysis/chronic uremia, hypertension, urology, pathology, and transplantation.

American Journal of Nephrology
The ‘American Journal of Nephrology’ is experiencing a renaissance in 2003 with a new editor and editorial board. Moreover, there has been a change in scope: the journal no longer features clinical papers, but mainly focuses on timely topics in basic science.

British Journal of Renal Medicine
The BMJ aims to publish rigorous accessible and entertaining material that will help doctors and medical students in their daily practice, lifelong learning and career development.

Clinical Nephrology
Clinical Nephrology is published monthly and features manuscripts containing original material with emphasis on the following topics: diagnosis, therapy, prophylaxis, immunology and pathophysiology of renal disease, dialysis and renal transplantation.

Dialysis & Transplantation (e-neph)
Dialysis & Transplantation (D&T) is the oldest renal care journal in the world. It also has the largest-circulation (24,000-plus).

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
Official journal of the American Society of Nephrology which is operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes, including the enhancement of scientific knowledge and clinical practice through stimulation of basic and clinical investigation.

Journal of Clinical Apheresis
Official journal of the American Society for Apheresis

Journal of Nephrology
The Journal of Nephrology will consider the publication of any original manuscript which deals with either clinical or laboratory investigation of relevance to the broad field of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation.

Journal of Renal Nutrition
The Journal of Renal Nutrition is devoted exclusively to renal nutrition science and renal dietetics. Its content is appropriate for nutritionists, physicians and researchers working in nephrology.

Kidney & Blood Pressure Research
This journal comprises both clinical and basic studies at the interface of nephrology and cardiovascular research.

Kidney International
Welcome to the Kidney International Society Abstracts website, your online resource for hundreds of abstracts from renal societies around the world.

Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation is one of the world’s leading journals devoted to original clinical and laboratory research in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation.

Nephrology Nursing Journal
The Nephrology Nursing Journal is a refereed clinical and scientific resource that provides current information on wide variety of subjects to facilitate the practice of professional nephrology nursing.

Nephron Experimental Nephrology (previously Experimental Nephrology) – up to 2014
‘Nephron Experimental Nephrology’ is devoted to the biology of the kidney (including developmental, cellular and molecular aspects) and to the cellular basis of renal diseases. This journal has been integrated in “Nephron” since 2015. Please see below for the link to “Nephron”

Giving extensive coverage to important developments concerning the structure, functions and diseases of the kidneys, ‘Nephron’ has earned its place on the reading list of every active nephrologist.

Peritoneal Dialysis International
The goal of this site is to provide medical professionals with current information in the PD field, an interactive discussion forum, and industry related information.

Transfusion is the foremost publication in the world for new information regarding transfusion medicine. Written by and for members of AABB and other health-care workers, Transfusion reports on the latest technical advances, discusses opposing viewpoints regarding controversial issues, and presents key conference proceedings. In addition to blood banking and transfusion medicine topics, Transfusion presents submissions concerning tissue transplantation and hematopoietic, cellular, and gene therapies.

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