Physical Plant

Home training facilities do not require a lot of space, but do require adequate supply storage, a safe, comfortable setting for patient training and performance of clinical procedures.  Whilst space requirements may be minimal at first, planned expansion will save effort and resources.

The ideal training room provides privacy, limits distractions and has the necessary training aids.

A “clean/dirty” area for hand washing, disposal of body fluids and microbiological cultures must be designated and accessible to the patient so they will learn the process for handling biological waste. Part of the training area or waiting room may double as a resource room where patients can view educational videotapes, read or practice procedures. A home program of 15-20 patients will generally require fifty square feet for stocking inventory and equipment. Office space must provide a private area for patient and staff consultations, patient charting and telephone follow-up calls. Administrative staff, if any, should be ideally located close to the medical records.