Rainer Himmele, MD.

Vice President, Medical Information and Education. Fresenius Medical Care North America - Renal Therapies Group.


Contributing Faculty:

  • Brent Miller, MD
  • Christopher Blagg, MD, FRCP
  • Christopher Keller, MD
  • Conor Hanrahan, PharmD
  • Corinne E Zeller-Knuth, PhD
  • Cristina Marelli, MD
  • Dixie-Ann Sawin, PhD
  • Duncan Phillips, MD
  • Frank A. Gotch, MD
  • Frank Kriger, MD, PhD
  • Gentiana Voinescu, MD
  • H. Feidhlim Woods, MB, BS, BAO, MRCP
  • Huaying Su, PharmD
  • James Tattersall, MD
  • Jeeseon R Kim, PharmD
  • Jeff Sands, MD
  • John Crabtree, MD, FACP
  • Jorge M. Feijoo, MD, MHA
  • Judy Weintraub, MS Ed
  • Kerry Anne Rambaran, BPharm, PharmD
  • Kim Schroeder, BSN, RN, CNN
  • Maria Ferris, MD
  • Nathan W. Levin, MD
  • Phil Tuso, MD, FACP
  • Robert Kossmann, MD
  • Robert Lockridge, MD
  • Sarah White, PharmD
  • Shubho R. Sarkar, MD
  • T. Alp Ikizler, MD
  • Thomas Roy, PhD
  • Todd Penner, MD, FRCSC, FACS

Founder and Past Editor-in-Chief:

Jose A. Diaz-Buxo, MD, FACP.  Past Senior Vice President and Chief Medical and Regulatory Affairs Officer.  Fresenius Medical Care North America - Renal Therapies Group.


Terri Bonadio, RN. Director, Clinical Innovation & Education for Home Therapies. Fresenius Medical Care North America - Renal Therapies Group. 

Acknowledgements: The ADVANCED RENAL EDUCATION team gratefully acknowledges the following professionals for their significant contributions in providing scientific research and for their commitment to excellence in medical communications.